B-side of Dough – Exploring the Art of Dough – EP 1

B-side of Dough – Exploring the Art of Dough – EP 1

“I made some mistakes, but I also learned a lot.”

Probably is my mantra during the quarantine. I’ve been spending most of the time in the kitchen and been exploring tons of unknowns of different ingredients. As a person who strives the perfection, I don’t feel bad when I made mistakes, finally! In the first episode of noodle making, I tried different flavors of pasta dough. Can’t say that it was very successful every time, but practice makes perfect, no? I’ve learned the humidity and the strength of kneading dough. How does the amount of salt affect the elasticity of noodles? Yes, salt plays an extremely important role in any dough — “Salt also helps strengthen gluten (the protein matrix that gives structure and elastic chew to breads and baked goods), so it’s important to add it to pasta, bread, and pizza doughs—and not just for the flavor benefits.” — How to Taste by Becky Selengut.

In addition, the dough mixes with full eggs or without eggs (only water) and the amount of olive oil will also affect its elasticity. I’ve experimented all the process I just mentioned. For example, there are leftover dumpling skins made of scallion oil mixed with hand-cut noodles and basic egg yolk dough kneaded with herbs and beet, spinach, turmeric puree which is our topic this time! Let’s let the video tell you the whole story. You must have noticed our title is “EP1”. YES! I will have two episodes for this series and will be sharing my sauce recipe for our handmade pasta in next episode! Stay tuned 🙂

#YouWillBeABetterCook Playlist|http://tiny.cc/ta84pz

This playlist selected several renowned Latin songs from Omara Portuondo+Buena Vista Social Club/Los Pamperos, my favorite jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby, the pianist who approaching piano with classical and jazz training Chilly Gonzalez, etc…

Cooking & Art Direction | Silver Chang

Shot & Edited by Leo Hsu

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