Farm To Table – A Trip From NYC To Long Island

Farm To Table – A Trip From NYC To Long Island

After lockdown, the very first thing was back to our mother nature.

We drove all the way to Long Island – It’s in the east part of the New York City a.k.a the backyard of NYC. It extends eastward into the Atlantic Ocean and faces Rhode Island and Connecticut. Because of the location, you can smell a little sea breeze when you step on the farmland. This is different from the experience of the farm in Upstate. Hephzibah Farm is located in Northville, which near the agricultural area of Long Island. In addition to common crops, this area also produces wine. I will be showing everyone the organic mushroom greenhouses and American farms this time, and then will bring the landscape from Long Island back to New York City to create our new tablescape. #veganphobroth #purslanesalad 這次想要特別介紹一位才華洋溢的吉他手 Francis Bebey,同時也是作曲人、詩人、雕塑家,他的作品除了傳統的非裔音樂的元素,他也將原始部落的能量揉合當代電子樂的編曲,與其他音樂人共同錄製出部落感極強的混音,生平累積了超過20張專輯,是一位創作能量極強的藝術家。 Introducing the guitarist Francis Bebey, also known as composer, poem, sculptor. Although his work is renowned for traditional African instrumental music, he also tried to mix the energy of African tribe into electronic music in order to give the tribal touch. He had been released more than 20 albums over his life, he had such amazing creative energy. Special thanks to Hephzibah Farm for touring us on your farm. We were not only captured so many beautiful scenes but also was be able to connect with nature on another level. Also, thank Groundcycle for connecting us – a new platform that delivers organic produce and compost pick-up. As a new yorker, I’ve always thrived for a natural and refreshing trip out of the city. Thanks for scheduling this beautiful meeting in the backyard of New York! I want to take a moment to shout out to Dichen Chen for driving us. This was an unpredictable adventure but we had so much fun!


Check their website and IG! Hephzibah Farm |

Groundcycle | @_groundcycle

Cooking & Art Direction | Silver Chang

Shot & Edited by Leo Hsu |

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